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     A call to all anglers.....  Plant more Catalpas or Catawba trees depending on your location. Northern Catalpa(aka. Eastern Catalpa) and Southern Catalpa(aka. Western Catalpa) all attract the catalpa sphinx Ceratomia catalpa, but the Southern Catalpa especially attract the larva of catalpa sphinx.  The egg hatch from the base of the tree and develop into larva(caterpillar) that eat the foliage of the tree.  Leaves are decimated, however the leaves re-emerge just as vigorous.  The catalpa sphinx or caterpillar is irresistible to fish.  The worm is to be turned inside out on the hook, which makes it more appealing to fish.  I am glad I am not a fish.  The larva progress into the pupa stage, then finally morph into an adult Moth.  The catalpa trees are very tolerant of different soils.  They prefer moist conditions but are highly versatile.  There is little difference between the Northern and Southern varieties.  The Southern Catalpa blooms two weeks later than its Northern counterpart.  End of seeds on the Southern are tufted rather than fringed like the Northern.  Where does our National Champion reside?   The National Champion Catalpa Tree is in Yalobusha County, MS.  Reaching 88' by 68'.  Wow, that could yield a lot of fishing bait!

Clay's Corner: